Moms You Meet on the Playground | Parenting in a Pandemic

Ep. 28 | Unlearning Our Relationship with Food

Episode Summary

Nutritionist and mother of three, Terri Ney, RD, from Tiny Bites Nutrition stops by the playground to process our relationship to food and the challenge of unlearning certain habits and behaviors and relearning how to model and talk to our kids about how all food is good food.

Episode Notes

Food is a constant part of our lives, but what’s our relationship to it? In today’s health conscious society parents can struggle with trying to be the "perfect parent" by constantly curating meals and restricting certain foods for their children. Nutritionist, Terri Ney, RD, helps us process how we, as parents, can give ourselves some grace and relearn what it means to model healthy habits to our children.

Terri (Tiny Bites Nutrition)

Terri mentions Ellyn Satter

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